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U.S. – ASEAN Internship Program Webinar: We Prepare - Exploring Career Opportunities in the ASEAN Healthcare Industry

U.S. – ASEAN Internship Program Webinar: We Prepare - Exploring Career Opportunities in the ASEAN Healthcare Industry

The U.S.-ASEAN Connect and US-ASEAN Business Council held a webinar through the U.S.-ASEAN Internship Program titled “We Prepare: Exploring Career Opportunities in the ASEAN Healthcare Industry” which was held on Wednesday, July 21st, 2021. The webinar served as a platform for all speakers to share their insights on recent developments in the healthcare industry, as well as career opportunities in the healthcare profession, with a particular emphasis on the contributions of American companies in the region.

The COVID-19 pandemic has underlined the critical nature of healthcare workers and the evolving healthcare industry in the ASEAN region. In the ASEAN regional context, further integration will require regional cooperation in the health sector to share knowledge, rationalize health systems operations, and lead to further public health gains for the populations. This webinar introduces career options in the areas of healthcare and its associated professions and shares insights on the skills needed to adopt to a career in healthcare under the “new normal”. In addition, attendees will come out of the webinar with the understating of the challenges of working in the healthcare industry and ways to overcome. In addition, the webinar also promotes the U.S.-ASEAN Internship Program website.

The webinar was moderated by Dr. John MacArthur, CDC Southeast Asia Office Director, featuring three speakers: Dr. Ferdinal M. Fernando, Head of Health Division of the ASEAN Secretariat, Mr. Julian Mengual, CEO of Southeast Asia and Regional Health Solutions of the Cigna International Markets, and Ms. Milin Sakornsin of the Thai Health Promotion Foundation.

Dr. Ferdinal presented on the topic of ASEAN Health Sector: Future of Work Amidst COVID-19 and Other Implications where he discussed initiatives on responding to all hazards and emerging threats, ASEAN-related initiatives on COVID-19 response, internal and external environment of ASEAN and the ASEAN health sector, job trends, as well as the future of work.

Mr. Julian presented on the topic of Exploring Career Opportunities in the ASEAN Healthcare Industry where he explained Cigna’s international markets, the impacts of COVID-19 and how it shapes the future outlook, the accelerating healthcare need beyond COVID-19 pandemic recovery, and emerging opportunities and evolving career paths available in the healthcare industry. Mr. Julian also shared his perspectives and experiences working for a major healthcare company such as Cigna.

Lastly, Ms. Milin presented on the topic of Building a Career and Professionalism in the Healthcare Industry, where she discussed how institutions are helping to educate and create awareness in the topic of global public health, and the geopolitical trends and adaptation of the COVID-19 pandemic in the “new normal” era and beyond.

This webinar is part of the U.S.-ASEAN Internship Program and another installment of the "We care, We prepare, We prosper" webinar series. The program continuously provides university students, fresh graduates, and young professionals the platform and tools needed for them to grab the opportunities by U.S. top companies! Please tune in to our social media and website to know the opportunities and upcoming events!